On Thursday October 1 at the American Red Cross Headquarters ( 2111 Dana Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45207), Artworks, Xavier, and the Community of Evanston dedicated “The Spirit of Progress” mural.

The 151 foot mural is a result of a two year collaboration spearheaded by Xavier University and Evanston Community Council and was designed by noted artist, Jimi Jones, after an extensive community engaged design process led by Artworks.  The finished work of art occupies an expansive panorama on Duck Creek Road that can be enjoyed up close or passing by on the interstate. Artworks employed local teens to paint the mural this summer under lead teaching artist and Xavier adjunct art faculty member, Jordanne Renner.  Art Chair Kelly Phelps and Sean Rhiney served on the Mural’s Steering Committee alongside Evanston Community Council President Anzora Adkins, ECC Beautification Chair,Veda Uddin, and Art Beyond Boundaries Gallery Director, Jymi Bolden.

You can get a sneak peak of the mural from Soapbox and learn about the origins of the design as well as background about some recent public art collaborations with Evanston that involved Xavier faculty, staff, and students and community members here: Evanston Community Council, Xavier and ArtWorks partnership produces more than a mural