Evanston’s beautification program is designed to ensure that our community’s physical sites and treasures are maintained and that they project a positive view of the residents and businesses in our community. This effort must be ongoing by monitoring for trash removal on our neighborhood streets, addressing blighted properties and by encouraging residents in the community to be responsible for the up-keep of their properties. This will also involve the beautification of our gateways with signage and landscaping.

The primary projects of the Beautification Committee are:

  1. Sponsoring neighborhood cleanup projects based upon areas of observed and/or suggested need.
  2. Maintaining the 12 planters located on central thoroughfares in the Educating Community.
  3. Writing and submitting Safe and Clean grant applications through Keep Cincinnati Beautiful during the Fall and Spring seasons to cover the costs of planting materials.
  4. Collaborating with Housing and the Business Association committees to fulfill each other’s mutually reinforcing goals.

Please contact Evanston Community Council’s mainline at 513-281-2775 for information on how to get involved with Evanston’s beautification committee and/or participate in a neighborhood cleanup event.

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