Youth and Education

Given the rich history of education in the Evanston Community, Evanston has adopted the title, “The Educating Community.” In Evanston you can obtain an exceptional education from Pre-K to a Ph.D. The community is home to several outstanding day care facilities, several elementary schools that provide diverse educational opportunities, a college prep high school and a university that provides degrees ranging from undergraduate to doctorate. For this reason, the mission of the Education Committee is to communicate a vision for identifying community needs and resources in organizing high quality educational and outreach programs designed to provide lifelong learning, health, and service opportunities for all residents in the community.

 Listed below are Evanston’s educational institutions:

Xavier University (Certificates, Associates, Bachelors and PhD)

Walnut Hills High School (7th-12th)

Academy of World Languages (K-8th)

Evanston Academy (K-6th)

Alliance Charter Academy (K-8th)

Impact Charter Academy (K-4th)

Council’s role will be to support these educational systems and partner with these institutions in achieving their mission within the community. Success criteria will be based on involvement form the educational systems and their service projects in providing tutoring, study groups, youth leadership training and other activities that assist in the development of students that live in the Evanston Community. This will be an ongoing effort through the year 2023.


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