Executive Board & Committee Chairs

Executive Board

Gregory Stewart, President – enrollmentman@aol.com

James Stallworth, Vice President

Roxana Hawkins, Financial Secretary

Sharron Moon, Treasurer


Beautification – residents in community beautification projects – Veta Uddin, Chair

Business – promote the Evanston business districts – Drew Asimus, Chair

Education, Advocacy & Action for residents – Roxana Hawkins, Chair

Employment Center Advisory Committee – Angela M. Ragan, Chair

Evanston 5K Run/Walk (April 4, 2020) – conduct Run/Walk and youth/adult after Run activities – Gwendolyn Gordon, Chair

Evanston FEST (September) – conduct events in honor of King Records

Evanston Gala (Oct  2020) – honor community leaders  – Lt. Shawn Bryce, Gala Co-Chair

Evanston Park, Friends of – advocate for maintenance & activities in the Park – Marye Ward, Chair

Evanston ”Fresh is Better” Gardening – advocate for gardens & fresh food – Melanie Moon, Chair

Girl Scouts – Assist in the operation of a Girl Scout troop in Evanston – Natasha Smith, Chair

Grocery Store in Evanston – Brenda Jones, Chair  

Housing – Advocate for owner occupied housing and apartment living in our community – Sharron Moon, Chair

Jonathan Recreation Area, Friends of – Advocate for maintenance and activities in the Recreation area – James Stallworth, Chair

Marketing – Volunteer to recognize the efforts of the other committees through e-newsletter, social media and conduct events such as Evanston Gala. – Gregory Stewart, Chair

Membership – Work with Marketing Chair and Financial Secretary to promote membership – Georgia Brown, Chair

Memorial Day Parade – volunteers are needed to conduct this event impacting thousands of residents – Veta Uddin, Chair

Owl’s Nest Park, Friends of – Advocate for maintenance and activities in the Park – Gwen Nicholson, Chair

Preserving & Celebrating – Advocate for maintenance and utilization of historical structures in Evanston such as King Records Building and St Mark Church. Compose a written and visual record of neighbors and structures – Beverley A. Lamb, Chair

Safety – Lead National Night Out in Owl’s Nest Park and establish and coordinate Block Watch Groups – James Stallworth, Chair

Thriving Evanston – Advocate for activities in Recreation Center and recreation throughout Evanston such as Neighborhood Games, Wasson Way. Partner with Cincinnati Health Dept. – Sharron Moon, Chair

Walking Club – Saturdays to exercise in Evanston – Natasha Smith, Chair

Youth – create activities to involve Evanston youth – Jocquelene Pressley

Please contact Evanston Community Council’s mainline at 513-281-2775 for information on the Executive Board and/or Committee Chairs.

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