Memorial Day Parade


Our 2017 Memorial Day Parade was a great success!

We want to give special thanks to all of the generous sponsors and participants who made this year’s parade possible. We greatly appreciate your support and dedication to the Evanston community!

2017 Sponsors:

Adriaticos – Ahmad Chebli – Auto4N – Blair Market – Brew House- Bridgid Kelly – Camp’s Collision Center- Chadashah Yisreal – Chicago Gyro’s – Christ Temple Church – Cincinnati Community Action Agency -Cincinnati Health Department- Creating Healthy Communities Coalition – Cincinnati Police Department – Cincinnati Reds – Citizens for Messer – Community Building Institute – Councilman Chris Seelbach – Councilman Chris Smitherman – Councilwoman Amy Murray – Councilwoman Yvette Simpson
Derek Bauman for City Council Campaign – East Walnut Hills Assembly – Eigel Center for Community Engaged Learning – Evanston Recreation Center  – Gloria Walker – Gold Star Chili – Greg Landsman -Henry Frondorf Campaign – John & Tammy Sullivan – Laborer’s International Union – Laure Quinlivan -Leslie Jones – Listermann Brewery – Mac’s Pizza Pub – Mayor John Cranley – Metro Scooter – Michelle Dillingham – NAMI – Ozie Davis – Physi – Sam’s Corner Grocery – Tamaya Denard – Terri England and New Horizon Day Care –  Truth Universal Baptist Church – Urban Stead Cheese – Vice Mayor David Mann

2017 Participants:

Aftab Clerk of Courts – Alliance Academy – Beverly Odom – Brigid Kelly – Campaign to Re-Elect Copeland- Dansby – Cincinnati Fire Department – Cincinnati Health Department – Cincinnati Human Relations Commission – Cincinnati Stars Marching Band – Closing the Health Gap – Color Guards Nebvetts –
Community Action Agency – Community Action Agency – Community Blend – Councilwoman Amy Murray
Councilman Chris Seelbach – Councilman Chris Smitherman – Cristina Buricia Candidate for City Council
Derek Bauman Candidate for City Council – Derek Rodgers – D-Fresh Entertainment, LLC. – Eddie Davenport – Evanston Academy –  Evanston Bull Dogs – Evanston Recreation Center – Grand Marshall Dewitt Battle – Greg Landsman Candidate for City Council – Henry Frondorf Candidate for City Council –
Jeff Pastor  Candidate for City Council – King Studios – Laure Quinlivan Candidate for City Council –  Leslie Jones Candidate for City Council – Manuel Foggie Candidate for City Council – Mayor John Cranley – Melanie Bates – Michelle Dillingham Candidate for City Council – Mike Moroski Candidate for School Board – Mission Cincinnati – NAMI – National Youth Night Out – New Horizion Child Care Center –
Ozie Davis Candidate for City Council – Peace Bowl – Physi -Renee Hevia Candidate for School Board –
Rights of Passage – Rodney Harris Candidate for Judge – Ryan Messer – St. Andrews Episopal Church
Swan House – Tamaya Denard Candidate for City Council – Tammi Sullivan – Vice Mayor David Mann –
Walnut Hills High School Band –  Yvette Simpson for Mayor Campaign


Please keep us in mind next year! We would love to have you back again to participate in Evanston’s 2018 Memorial Day Parade.

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