The Evanston Eastside Seniors are active and aware.  Recreational, cultural, educational, and leisure activities designed for an active lifestyle are offered at the Evanston Recreation Center.  All adults 50 and older are welcome to join our group.  A membership fee is required for recreational activities and very nominal fees for classes.

Senior Assistance Programs ensure that all of the vital services are made available to seniors that will allow them to remain independent and to remain in their homes. This is necessary to provide stability in our community. The program for our seniors will be delivered by providing information, contact lists, referral forms and all services provided by the Walnut Hills/Evanston Neighborhood Health Services Center, the Home Ownership and Stable Affordable Housing as listed below, and other direct sources of assistance for our senior community. Senior assistance programs will also include but are not limited to other affordable housing issues, meals, rides to doctor appointments and many other human services offered throughout the city.

Council will continue to partner with the local agencies, the City of Cincinnati and the Federal government programs that provide the necessary services to assist our Senior Community.

Scheduled Programs offered at the Evanston Recreation Center

Come join in the fun with Evanston Eastside Seniors!  For more information, contact Evanston Community Council’s mainline at 513-281-2775.


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