The President’s Welcome

Serving “The Educating Community”

Message from President Gregory Stewart:

The Evanston Community Council’s mission is to involve the residents, investors, business owners and churches in improving housing, our business district, beautification, safety, recreation, spirituality and other quality of life issues that impact the Evanston Community.

We are implementing a Ten-Year Plan (2013 – 2023) for the Evanston Community that includes:

  1. Identifying policies and programs to support the Ten Year Plan.
  2. Increasing involvement from Evanston churches, residents, businesses and investors.
  3. Pursuing fundraising opportunities, financial sponsors and grant writing for Evanston Community Council.
  4. Seeking funding for community projects and developments, which will enhance our neighborhood stability and revitalization.
  5. Communicating to the public at large, the importance of resident’s involvement.
  6. Implement Block Clubs and increase the number of people involved in Citizens on Patrol according to our Safety Action Plan. We are working very closely with our District Commander, Sargent, and Neighborhood Officer Perry Locke.
  7. Keeping the residents, investors, and business owners informed of changes in our community as well as city wide resources that will enhance the quality of life for our residents. We will continue to work on beautification, loitering, criminal activities, housing, abandoned vehicles and blighted areas.

We need your skills, expertise and involvement in the revitalization and growth of our community. On behalf of the Evanston Community Council Executive Team, thanks in advance for your consideration and cooperation in aiding in the progression of the Evanston Community.

Gregory Stewart

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